Celebrity coach. Awareness Facilitator.

Working with personal, spiritual,emotional and physical transformation over last 10 years.

Author Limitless Success podcast. Motivational speaker and global voice.

Wellness mentor and anti-aging expert.

I am here to redesign your life. Book your own awakening and transformation.

Get your Mastery tool to level up and leverage. Open your consciousness.
Create new growth mindset.

Life is one big choice and one big habit so choose beautiful scripts. From pain to purpose.

Welcome to my world of no excuses!

Transforming Lives: A Refugee’s Counteroffensive Against Life’s Challanges


If you're ready to have your next big breakthrough in your career, business relationships in life then in this podcast I will not only inspire but will teach you train you coach you and motivate you to move past the barriers that have been holding you back to live your BEST inspired life.
Welcome to my new show Lifemakeover with Karina!


Success is different for everyone

Unlocking the secrets of successful people, balance, vitality combined with a unique and inspired vision for creating wealth, both personally and professionally to experience ultimate happiness!

It's Time for

➥ Identifing the Block that has been holding you back...

➥ Finding Clarity

➥ Shattering Limiting Beliefs

➥ Learning Inside Confident TRICKS from me

➥ Mastering your life and communication skills

➥Finding yourself to help yourself

➥Learning to make a Powerful Lasting Game

➥Techniques to Scale your YOU and YOUR personal Brand

➥Achieving the Elusive Life Balance

➥Seting up yourself like a brand to Create Freedom

Do you feel stuck in life?

A happy life is enjoying your physical and mental health, mixed with a wealthy mindset and the blueprints to implement them in the world of business and entrepreneurship. I share secrets to my own healthy lifestyle combined with wealth building techniques that have generated millions - not only for me, but those i coach and mentor.

My method is YOUR formula for a Fun, Fit and Fabulous Life. Tune in for the latest in health,wealth & happiness with guest celebrities, experts, chefs, CEO’s, fitness stars and more.


If you know you haven’t yet reached the pinnacle of success in your life, if you haven’t yet found your true purpose but you know you’re capable of more – then this podcast is for you.


My Philosophy - BLOG

Bad times create strong people If there is no challenge - we don’t grow.


Do not be obsessed with stereotypes

Start Living Your Ideal Life Today

  • Become master of influence and your life by asking right questions.
    Your Core story and core message.
    The right strategy and workbook LIFE REBOOT.
    Mastery tool to implement new mindset,new strategies,new attitudes and guide with high quality solutions.

  • Create your solid personal brand,image and personal style.
    Dress for success,speak for purpose.

    Mastery tool how to master your pitch and to sound profound. Excite,engage enrol. Finding your personal style isn't something you can do overnight. Get strategies you can use to learn more about the clothing that works for you.


    Learn how to evaluate strategies to improve health, performance, right attitude and motivation. Physiology and mindset.

    •Learn the importance of POSITIVE MIND ATTITUDE and setting goals and remaining motivated
    •New individual assessments before growing into your new lifestyle.


Karina Safarova Extraordinary Coach and Life Makeover Queen. Redesigning Lives.

Interview with LUXUO

"Karina empowers people to give them a vision of themselves beyond their circumstances; she is a voice of the future — a powerful positive speaker and the voice of a new generation. "

Interview with L'OFFICIEL

"Karina is a successful and stylish lady, model and business woman. She is based in London as a high network entrepreneur and has a VIP bespoke service that provides the best tailormade solutions for her clients."

Interview with Woman UA

Karina empowers people to give them a vision of themselves beyond their circumstances; she is a voice of the future — a powerful positive speaker and the voice of a new generation. 

Karina Safarova Launches New Podcast Series"Life Makeover"

"I like to call Karina 'big boss' as she is paving the way for extraordinary conversations and life-changing insights, and I'm exhilarated to be a part of this transformative movement." Bill Walsh