My Philosophy

Bad times create strong people If there is no challenge - we don’t grow.

I always ask my students two questions at the beginning. What is your WHY and what is your superpower. Being born in Ukraine, my first crash happened in 2014 when due to revolution, I had no prospects for my future, for my safety i fled and escaped to London with only the clothes on my back. I weathered many storms, without friends or family from my homeland to support me. All of these ups and downs including a dramatic divorce that left me desperate, alone, and afraid. I graduated from the Institute of Marangoni in 2016 in Fashion and Image Design. In Great Britain I decided to continue studying neuroscience, medicine, Health and Fitness education and worked as a wellness coach and lifestyle expert.

In 2017, I catapulted to become the #1 health coach and mentor in London, coaching Royal families, sheiks, celebrities, and the most famous families in high society. Just in a couple of years became such an important and trusted advisor that thousands of people were clamoring for my help. Together with my clients I created incredible results in their health, relationships, and lives dedicating myself to understanding and then optimizing the power of mindset, self discipline, in order to train and coach thousands of people to success in every area of their lives.

Brexit, pandemic, lockdown and severe illness of my dad made me take decision to move back to Ukraine, my homeland.

P.S. If you are going through hell - keep going. Do not stop there.

My father,my best friend passed away in 2022. Just a month before the war started in my country.

Difficulty and pain is a sign of awakening. From there wisdom grows.

Today I’m refugee in USA filling myself with the great right to be a light of the way. Life is not equal with people full of anger or frustration, playing victim, blaming and judging.

The basis of success lies only in you.

River water only cleans by flowing. The change comes to serve you, and to bring new energy into your life. From the great pain you are built on fear of pain.


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