It’s time to do something different.

You have to do something different.

The world is just doing too, and it's gonna keep doing too for a while.

That means you're gonna have to step out of your comfort zone, you have to do things that are awkward you've never done before. Learn new skills, try on things take a risk, etc.
While your industry becomes obsolete, whatever, then you have a real challenge ahead of you.

I have positive mind attitude. During pandemic I was able to reach all more than 3000 students because they were at home, they could get on their computer at home.
So I had much more impact that way.
So look for what are the seeds of the equal greater benefit.

My world is world of no excuses. I’m here to equip you. So whenever you're blaming someone, that is a response, but it doesn't produce a better outcome.
It just keeps you busy focusing on blaming people, instead of saying : I am responsible because as long as I'm blaming, I think they caused my problem. And as long as I'm doing that, I'm waiting for the outside world that change and it won't.

Often it gets even more challenging, that sometimes it gets better, but the reality is I have to change my response. So if you don't, if you keep on blaming and don't change your response, you end up in what we call victim consciousness. And these are all things outside of you that you can't control. Brexit, lockdown, inflation, war in Ukraine… I can't control the banking system. I can't control the virus I can't control bitcoin and oil prices.

But I can control my thoughts, my habits, my images, my visualisation, my behaviour, that's where you get your power.

Sometimes you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. This is people that are successful. So really focus on doing as much as you can this year. And doing it in the best way.


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