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LIFEMAKEOVER VIP program - 3 months

LIFEMAKEOVER VIP program - 3 months

Are you ready to kick start your journey towards the life you have always wanted?
Are you ready to show up?
What is your core message and core story ?
What message you want to bring to the world ?

Life makeover mentoring program is personally designed by me to be a blueprint for your success not only in business but in personal life.

You will be receiving all the materials,to not only fill out but to serve as an architecture of you and your future.

Be mindful.
Be consistent.
Be committed and trust in this process.

Many bonuses like retreats,reboot,personalised plan,detox,nutrition plan,working on personal magnetism,speech,style,trips,meditations,follow up with doctors,IV drips,supplements,health and wellness personalised plan,awakening sessions and breath work make this program absolutely unique and award winning bestselling investment.

By choosing me as your mentor you agree in commit to showing up for sessions,follow up meetings,watching the weekly recordings dedicating yourself 100% to your leverage level up plan and deciding to succeed,to get brilliant results. You hereby promise to think big, to dream big and to achieve big and to play a bigger game to finally to become more.

The exclusive mentoring programme is One to One mentoring Implementation sessions and follow up meetings.

Duration : 3 months
Weekly follow up call/ video session/
private live awakening sessions & strategical session.

Personalised Wellness MINDMAP :
filling lifestyle questionnaire / personalised healthy lifestyle plan /follow up all the instructions
including additional necessary checkups,supplements plan and additional sessions like retreat/ reboot/detox/weight loss/ anti-aging program / immune boost.
It’s time to become MORE. Your best YOU is waiting for you.

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