Tips for Body Language to make a Great Impression

Number One

Firm Handshake.
When you meet people even adopt. Shake their hand. Even if it’s the second or third meeting. A handshake shows respect. Otherwise, people will judge you badly before you’ve even got started and before you’ve even had a chance to get started.

Number Two

Even if you had a terrible journey to get there. Even if you’ve been up all night, been sick, even if you are dreading the meeting, you must smile. Or they will immediately assume that you don’t like them. And that’s a bad start. I’m lucky because I’ve got quite a smiley baby face. But if you don’t, then make an effort to think happy thoughts just before you go in through the door to meet that person.

Number Three.

Nothing odd or distracting clothing, for example. It’s worth making sure that you look smart and clean and right for the occasion

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