Emotional Intelligence and Success


When I studied  “Logo therapy”  with Professor Alfred Lengle, the key point was how you make people feel. So I want to talk about Emotional Intelligence.

It has been shown that success is more linked to emotional intelligence than to intellectual intelligence. And it starts with awareness of both what’s going on in your heart and also in the heads of others.

So it starts with self-awareness and empathy.

And then it moves to influencing your own thoughts and emotions, self-discipline, self-management, and influencing the thoughts and emotions of others.

But it’s really just finding ways to work with other people to the best effect by speaking their language and by communicating in a way that works for them.

Try getting into the habit of observing yourself when you next interact with someone.

What you can do for them...

How good are you reading the thoughts and emotional states of others?

Next time you experience negative emotion like anger or worry or frustration or guilt, ask yourself whether that emotion is helping you to make progress. How it makes you feel ?

Because, you can learn to change those behaviors influencing thoughts and feelings of others.

Next time we are with someone else, think about whether you’re focusing too much on your situation and your feelings rather than on their situation.

How you can help, how you can be valuable. I want to give you very short tips on how to work on improving your overall emotional intelligence.

 I always say people do not care what you do. They care what you can do for them.

Take a pause

So take a pause before replying a reaction.

 In fact, try to pass even before you judge someone, which might be before they’ve said a single word.

Number two, think about why someone is doing what they are doing or saying what they are saying.

And number three, remember that you can choose how to react in any situation.

You are in control of your thoughts and your actions.

So that’s emotional intelligence and an important ingredient in succeeding at anything involving other people.

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